Web sites...

I design, code, create, hack, throw together, ninja up and manage web sites. Reasonably priced, original and creative. I use Word Press, what is your super power? I have helped Personal Trainers, Shed Builders and Revenue Managers. I like to work from home and don't like shaving.


I create poetry that make machines do stuff. I have coded for PC, Android devices and my daughter. I gave up on the latter because, too many errors. While my favorite languages are Basic and Perl (because hey, obscurity is so hipster-ish) I am equally comfy with HTML5 and Javascript (see the thing about web sites). I can write SQL in my sleep. Some people say that's not a language, I say go poke your eye with a pogo-stick.

And Then!

So yeah, you didn't understand a word of the above two paragraphs. But, one of your friends said, hey I know this guy and he is pretty good at dot dot dot, so here you are... Really, we need to get on the phone. Problem is of course, you have been aimlessly clicking around and can't find my number! Why don't you email instead? Easy! jeroen.schouten@gmail.com
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